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2022 Tagged Catfish Contest Presented By Fishin Company - Red River Cats

Contest will start May 20th 2022 - End on July 15th 2022

Channel Cats will be caught tagged and released at Red River Cats between May 15th - May 18th

* Cash Values will be disclosed May 23rd 2022 on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok

Fishin Co & Red River Cats will make a donation to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba equal to the highest dollar value fish caught during the tournament, but will guarantee a minimum donation of $500.00

* Only 1000 passes will be sold

* Angler's can fish from shore or boat 

* All tagged cats must be caught on a rod and reel - (No commercial nets or hand held nets.) 

* All registered anglers must submit pictures of you and your catch, bump board measurements, clear picture of ʙᴏᴛʜ sɪᴅᴇs ᴏғ our tag located next to the dorsal fin. (White Tag with TCC2022 with sequence numbering) 

* Your Pass will be a receipt that will be emailed to you once your purchase is finalized

* Please enter additional names under SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER if buying for multiple anglers. (Make sure to adjust quantity if adding additional anglers)

* Your contest Pass and Photo ID must be presented at time of submission.

* All non status angler's must have a valid Manitoba Fishing License.

We encourage all angler's to purchase your passes prior to contest/season opener.